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Bright Promotional Light Up Products
Personalized Glow Sticks, Promotional Lighted Pens, Customized LED Glasses and Imprinted Light Up Items

Promotional and Personalized Lighted Products Because it Gets Dark Every Night!™

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Customize your lighted products with ease and convenience with our expert team.

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Quickly see how your customized product will look before it is produced.

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Fast air shipping from the factory to ensure you get your imprinted item on-time.

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We can design new products for you if you do not see what you are looking for.


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Stand Out with Light Up Promotional Products from!

Light up promotional products are a strong promotional marketing tool that adds long term value to your promotional advertising campaign. Customers who have received lighted promotional products will keep them and use them again and again continually exposing the customer and others to your logo or message. Promotional items need to catch the eye of your customer, serve a practical purpose or even better - do both, to really gain the attention of your audience. Custom promotional LED products are both exciting, eye catching and practical. Customized light up products distinguish your customized products from other more generic and plain personalized products. This distinction between light up promotional products and other promotional items will ensure that your customized product is used more frequently and shown to more people by your audience – thereby increasing your logo, message or company name exposure greatly.

The staff at™ has been serving the lighted promotional products market since 1997. Our focus on quality innovative lighted products, servicing our customers fully and our ability to handle small and large complex customized orders has made us a trusted supplier for renowned lighted promotional products. Whether you need a personalized product for a large promotional marketing campaign or for a private special event™ will deliver. Our fun and entertaining customized light up glasses, promo lighted ice cubes, personalized light up key chains or promotional light up pens will surely make your logo or message memorable to your customers or guests. Just watch as everyone who picks up one of your logo imprinted lighted products becomes amazed with its bright flashing LED lights or subtle glow and shows it to all of their friends and family. Call us today to see how™ can light up your promotions!

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